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Our Lady of Hope Parish is a welcoming community commited to Jesus Christ and to His Gospel. Living His command to love others, we reach out to serve those in need and to become a source of strength and love for our parishioners, visitors, and community.




First of all, I want to say that I hope all is going well with you! We have come a long way since last March, but we still have more to go! Together we can reach the goal!

I want to write about Religious Education in our Parish. Many may feel that this is only the concern of students and their parents, but I think the whole Parish should know where we are, and where we are going!

Like so many other things in our lives, last March our Religious Education Programs came to a sudden halt! There were a few Zoom meetings, but not much more. Like all of you, we did not know where we were going or what was going to happen. Now that public Mass is allowed with restrictions, and now that the School Systems across the State are re-opening in varied ways, we can try to address the Religious Education in our Parish.

First, we must take care of the First Communion students who were supposed to receive last May. The parents of these students will soon be contacted about when and how the First Communions will be done. It will be simplified, following the Archdiocesan and State mandates about face covering, social distancing, and the numbers that may attend.

The Confirmation Class will receive on October 17th at two services (not Mass). The students and parents will soon hear from us about the times, the number that may attend and how it will be done. Most of the regulations are from Bishop Hennessey who will be the Celebrant of Confirmation.

Now, in regard to the new year ahead. Religious Education Classes (Grade 1 to 10) will take place, but not as it was before. As you may know, Amy Kostak, our full-time Leader of Faith Formation, is no longer with us. Due to the financial effects of the Pandemic, we can not pay a full-time salary. Amy decided to take a full-time position in another Parish. We wish her well! But! She is not far away, and will help us with various parts of our Program.

The reality of the situation is that we must create a new form of Religious Education in our Parish. We cannot do things as they were done before the Pandemic.  We must take a new approach.

First of all our classes will be virtual this year. After the New Year moderate social gatherings may take place depending upon how we are progressing with the Pandemic.

Since the “classes” will take place at home, parental involvement is necessary and essential. The programs that we will be using need the parents to be the “Primary Educators” of their children. We will not put a heavy burden on the parents, or the students, but your involvement is important! At present, we have a program for Grades 1 to 5 called Project Nazareth. It is put out  by the Archdiocese. More later! Middle School and Confirmation will soon be determined.

Classes will not begin until around mid-October. Please click the icon for Religious Education above to register for this year's program. There will be a moderate tuition of $35.00 per student which can be paid within the registration submission by check or credit card.

Finally, as Pastor, I will assume the temporary role of Director of Religious Education. I have hired two Religious Education Coordinators.  Gabriela Twaalfhoven for Elementary Grades 1 - 5 and Eileen Klapprodt for Middle School Grades 6-8 and High School Grades 9-10.

Enough for now! Enjoy the last days of Summer!

          In Christ,   Fr. Tom Keyes, Pastor


Reminders about the Masses

Hopefully you have been able to read my previous lengthy letter (below) about celebrating Mass in Phase 1 of our State re-opening. There is also a video below to help you see how Mass would be.

A few reminders:

  1.  The doors (front only) of the Church will be opened 30 minutes before the Mass begins.
  2.  You will be greeted at the door and be directed where you may sit. (there will only be 78 spots where you may sit…if more come exceeding that number, they will not be allowed in…they will have to return for another Mass).
  3. Masks or face coverings must be worn during the Mass
  4. Gloves should not be worn
  5. Please bring personal hand sanitizer
  6. There should be no congregating before, during, or after Mass
  7. Please listen to directions during the Mass
  8. People in Risk Groups, such as the Elderly, those with respiratory issues, those who may be ill, or those with other special needs are strongly urged NOT to attend Mass yet. It will be safer in later Phases.
  9. You will be requested at the end of the Mass to leave in an orderly fashion, there can be no congregating in the Church. Once all have left the doors will be locked and the pews, etc. will all be re-sanitized before the next Mass.

This is all very different, but an attempt to protect the health of all. Please have patience so that we may all progress toward the true end of this Pandemic, which is still so very present in the World.

                                         Fr Tom Keyes


Returning to Mass; we all have a role to play in keeping each other safe and healthy. The video can be viewed by clicking on the picture below. Please take a few minutes to watch this important information which demonstrates this first step in reopening.











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